A Solid Week of Training

Last Weeks Training Notes

Monday’s Humid Morning Run

Mileage- 9.6


The humidity made this run harder than I wanted it to be, but it was still a solid run at the lake.  My legs were a little tired from the increase in mileage last week.  Overall, I felt strong.

Tuesday Morning Run

Mileage- 10.2

Pace- 7:26/mile

I made sure that this run was a negative split.   Feeling strong and confident.

Wednesday’s  Easy Treadmill Run with Music

Mileage- 8.2

Pace- 7:56/mile

Had a headache this morning. : (

Thursday’s Run Where Watch Died Half Way Around the Lake

Mileage- 10.3

Pace- approx. 7:40/mile

Friday Track Day

2 mile warm up

4 x 100m strides

6 x 200m(41,43,42,41,41,40) with 200m jog in between

2 mile cool down

It feels good to run fast again!

Saturday’s Easy Treadmill Run

Mileage- 8.5

Pace- 7:39/mile

My lower back felt really tight.  (Need to loosen laces on my Adidas)

Sunday’s Foggy Long Run (Yes, that is the moon.)


Mileage- 14

Pace- 8:01/mile

I ran the last four miles around Norbuck Park, running up the long, seemingly endless hill twice.  I am going to feel this run in the morning.


Total Mileage-67miles

Notes- I backed off slightly on mileage, because I added speed work and more hills.




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