Wednesday’s Questions and Answers Training/Nutrition/Racing

Any questions that you have about Training/Nutrition/Racing can be entered in Comments.  I will answer them in next Wednesday’s Questions and Answer’s Post!  Thank you.  : )

What drills do you recommend doing to increase foot speed?

I recommend ladder drills and stairs.

Ladder Drill #1

What you need- a speed drill ladder, 50-100m of a flat running surface (track, soccer field)

Make sure you are plenty warmed up.  (A one mile jog, or 5 minutes of jumping rope will do.) Cold muscles are easily pulled with speed drills.

Spread the ladder out about 50m away from where you will start.  Run fast (stride) to the ladder.  Run through the ladder placing one foot in each square.  This is continuous! Repeat 3-4 times.  This will force your foot speed (turnover) to increase.

Ladder Drill #2

As fast as you can, run through the ladder making sure each foot goes in each square.  Then stride away from the ladder for 50m.  Repeat 3-4 times.

Stairs (nothing fancy here)

Find a long flight of stairs.  Run up.  Be careful going down.  Repeat.

Several gyms have long flights of stairs.  Add Stair Runs to the end of your gym workout!

Sometimes on long run days, my training partner and I run up a short flight of stairs near the end of our run.  This always increases my foot speed when my legs are fatigued.

Do you take any supplements like glutamine to speed up muscle recovery?

Currently, I do not.  I rely on the foods I eat to get the amino acids that my body needs.  This in part is due to my food allergies.  However, because of your question, I did some research and found a protein supplement with glutamine that I can take.  It is called NutriBiotic Rice Protein, and it contains 18 naturally occurring amino acids, 12 grams of protein, and is made without soy, milk, eggs, yeast, wheat, corn, or nuts.

What is your warm up routine?

For track workouts, hills, and races, I jog 2 miles.  Then I do 50m of high knees, skips, butt kicks, and carioca, followed by 3-4 100m strides.  For long runs, tempo runs, and easy runs, I warm up during the run.

Thank you for your questions!




  1. I’m an avid reader of running blogs- thank you for sharing your experience. A couple of questions or thoughts that could be interesting topics going forward.

    1- What led you to start this blog?
    2- How should runners deal with the emotional setbacks of missing out on goals or running injuries?
    3- Alot is written about regarding the “correct” running gait, what do you to work on your stride in terms of cadence, stride length, hip position etc.?
    4- How do you and how should other runners think about goal setting?


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