Another Week of Training

Last Week’s Training Notes

Monday’s Morning Run plus 4 x 15 second strides

Mileage- 8


Took awhile for my legs to wake up this morning.

Tuesday’s Cold, Wet, and Windy Hill Repeats

Mileage- 7

Pace- 8:52/mile

Elevation- 713 ft

I went very slow going down the hills.  They were very slick.  I pushed it going uphill.  Flagpole Hill x 10  There was no one else in sight.  The rain felt like pins and needles by the end of this run.

Wednesday Morning Run

Mileage- 12

Pace- 7:56/mile

Easy run.  Not too sore from the hills.  I saw a coyote today.

Thursday Morning’s “Couldn’t Wake Up” Run

Mileage-  8

Pace- 8:03/mile

Major Off Day.  I wore my non-running jacket, my around the house leg warmers, and forgot my inhaler.  At least this was an easy run day.

Friday Track Workout

Mileage- 7

Average Pace- 7:00/mile

2 mile warm up, 2 x (5 x 200 m) (44,44,43,43,43,43,42,41,41,40) jog in between, 2 mile cool down

It took awhile to warm up, but it did not take much of a jog to recover in between the 200’s.  I felt ready to go after about 100 meters.

Saturday’s Treadmill Run

Mileage- 8.4

Pace- 7:44/mile

Recovery run with music!  I am a little nervous about tomorrow’s 16 mile run.

Sunday Long Run 

Mileage- 16

Pace- 7:34/mile

Strong, solid run!  I ran the last three miles faster, from marathon pace down to half marathon pace.  The humidity was rough.  So was the Northwest Highway Hill for mile 16.  This was a strong, progressive run.

Total Mileage- 67

I’m ready for Race Week!



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