Friday Favorite

Tom Tom-Limited Edition-GPS-Running Watch

Rarely do I go anywhere without my TomTom watch.  This watch is not as fancy as some other, more expensive, GPS watches, but it does exactly what I need it to do.  Connect to GPS quickly, clearly display my pace, time, and distance, light up when I run in the dark, and sync to the TomTom app on my phone that syncs automatically with my Strava account.  The light does not automatically come on, but it is easy to set up.  Down button to options, right click, down to night, right click, down to on, then click left until you are back to the time.  It sounds more confusing than it actually is.  

Right Click!

Right Click!

Up and left! 

This watch has several other features that I have not taken advantage of like setting up an interval workout, where the watch will buzz when it is time to switch paces.  Also you can set up a zone for pace, speed, or heart rate and your watch will alert you if you are not in the zone.  

I have found the basics to be enough for me!

To buy this watch CLICK HERE!

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