The Day I Dread

The day before a race is the day I forget how to do everything.  Like write a complete sentence.  Or organize my thoughts enough to write a good quality post.  I deleted the first sentence of this post 5 times.  An hour ago I did not even think that I would be able to sit down and type.  So maybe this is good.  A distraction.  I have no idea how I pull myself together by the time the race starts.  This is not thought through in the least bit.  And if you have read my other posts then you know that I put a lot of thought into what I do.  No matter how well  my training has gone leading up to the race, or how organized I am for traveling to the race, I am a wreck the day before.  My easy run feels horrible.  Race pace seems impossible.  I lose my laser focus and wonder if it will come back.  Everything I do related to running has become easier with repetition, except for this.  It is always the same.  Always just as bad and seemingly endless.  Even as I am writing this and telling you all of what I know that happens, I am not comforted or reassured.  Self talk does nothing for me here.  I would have to repeat, “This too shall pass” until I go to sleep tonight.  So I don’t make a plan for how I am going to make it through.  “Dread Day” is simply a day that I have to survive.

Cowtown 10k

Race Start- 7am tomorrow



  1. You are strong and passionate about what you are doing. Sounds like the “dreads” are just your way of working through the fog of doubt to free yourself to fly free tomorrow. Fleet running-I’ll be thinking of you. Good luck!

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