Race Week Training Recap

Last Week’s Training Notes

Monday Easy Morning Run at the Lake

Mileage- 8.6

Pace- 7:58/mile

4x 15 sec strides at 5:30/mile pace.

Legs were a little tired.  I focused on turnover.  Strides felt good after 8 miles.

Tuesday’s ‘Hit it hard’ Run

Track Workout- 2 mile warm up, 4×200, 4xmile (6:26), 4×200, 2 mile cool down

Mileage- 11

Pace- average 7:05/mile

Last hard workout before RACE DAY!

Wednesday Long Run

Mileage- 12.2

Pace- 7:58/mile

It was hard to get going for this run, but my legs woke up at about mile six.  I ended up feeling much better than when I started.

Thursday’s Easy Treadmill Run

Mileage- 8

Pace- 7:45/mile

Relaxed run with music.

Friday Shakeout 

Mileage- 4.5

Pace- 8:15/mile

I ran 4 miles easy.  Then did 4 x 15 second strides.  I always feel off of the day before a race.  Today was no exception.


Mileage- 10.5

Warm up pace- 8:00/mile

10k Race pace- 6:30/mile

Cool down pace- 8:00/mile

It took me a little bit to open up.  I stayed strong the entire race.  This is a good starting point for 2017.

Sunday Run at the Lake

Mileage- 12


My legs were not sore at all from the race, but I may need to crash on the couch for a couple hours when I get home!

Total Mileage- I don’t add it up on race week.

Notes- Allow body to recover!






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