Wednesday’s Questions and Answers

What are the Pros/Cons to having a coach?  

So far I have not found any cons to having a coach.  A coach is exactly what I need.  My training has not changed a whole lot in the past 3 weeks in terms of mileage, but my thoughts going into each run are different.  With my super busy life, I never planned that far ahead for my workouts.  Sometimes I would figure out how many miles and at what effort I should run as I was driving to the lake to run, or warming up at the track.  Sometimes I would add an extra run for the day just because I had the opportunity to run again.  So going into a run knowing exactly what I need to do has allowed me to relax, and it has given me confidence in what I do each day.  Having a coach has also given my husband confidence in my training.  I have a habit of pushing myself past my limits, beyond my breaking point.  So, of course, my husband worried when I had only myself to come up with a training plan.

My coach also knows what pace I need to run for different workouts in order for me to be faster on race day.  This helps me to not over train in the weeks leading up to a race.  I have 3 races in the next 3 weeks and it is nice having guidance on how to get to each one fresh, strong, and ready to run fast.

Can a low mileage program with plenty of quality miles be effective in training for a half marathon? 

Yes, as long as you develop your aerobic system as well.  If I could only run 3 days a week to train for a half marathon, I would do 1 tempo run, 1 run with hills (possibly hill repeats with no walking), and 1 long run.  Each week I would increase the mileage on my long run day, and I would do some of my long runs on a trail.  One possible tempo run could be 2 miles easy, 4 miles at 10k pace, 2 miles easy.  Closer to race day, the tempo could be 2 miles easy, 8 miles at half marathon pace, 2 miles easy.  On the days with no running, I would make sure to do at least 40 minutes of exercise.  Jumping rope, yoga, swimming, or cycling.  Something to get my heart pumping.  For a low mileage program, I would still aim for 35-40 miles a week.

Any questions that you have about Training/Nutrition/Racing can be entered in Comments.  I will answer them in the next Wednesday’s Questions and Answers Post.  Thank you KM and EL for your questions!




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