I Used to Be a Sprinter

I have always been fast.  I was that girl that no one could catch on the playground.  That girl that raced and beat most of the boys in grade school.  That girl that dreamed of being a sprinter like Michael Johnson or Jackie Joyner Kersee.  My track coach tried again and again to convince me to run the mile and the 800m instead of the 400m and 800m, but a mile was too long for me.  No one could have predicted that I would become a long distance runner.  I was a sprinter.  Built for speed.  Fast twitch was second nature.  Explosiveness, my middle name.  Running fast was exhilarating.  From sprinter to distance runner. 800’s to half marathons.  Maybe Usain Bolt will become a distance runner too!

PR’s as a Sprinter (when I was 12…yes, 12)

400-58:00 Houston USATF State Meet

800-2:28 State Meet TAAF
High jump (not a race but explosiveness!!!)- 5’2″ I still hold the State Record for TAAF

PR’s as a Distance Runner

5k- 19:34  (trying to set new one this weekend)

10k- 40:32 Cowtown 2017

8mile- 52:12 Turkey Trot 2016

15k- 1:01:40 Tyler Fresh 15k 2016

Half Marathon- 1:29:17 Cowtown 2016

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