Weekly Questions and Answers

What if you’ve taken off for a while longer than a month?  What advice can you give someone who is restarting their running?

My answer really depends on the level of fitness prior to the break and if any exercise was done during the break.  In general, I would say to be patient with yourself.  Being in running shape is different than being in cycling or swimming shape.  Slow and easy running is just fine at first.  If your cardio is lacking, work your way up to where you can enjoy running again.  Build up a strong base before training for a race.  Add strength and stabilization exercises into your routine to help you stay injury free.  Since you are just getting back into running, make sure that you are running with correct form.  If you have access to a treadmill, have someone video tape your gait so you can see if there are any imbalances or changes that need to be made.

If anyone has a specific question related to this topic, it can be entered in Comments or sent to amanda.moore7141986@icloud.com.  So many different factors go into answering this question.  Level of fitness, reason for the break, goals…  If you have just started running again and need some advice, I would be happy to help!

What has your training looked like this week with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon coming up?

This weeks mileage has been unbearably low, but necessary.  After the Fresh 15k, my body started tightening up.  I could still complete my workouts, but it was pretty easy to see that I was stiff and achy later in the day.  Last week my easy runs plus rolling out with my foam roller allowed me to be ready for the St. Paddy’s Day Dash Down Greenville 5k.  However, the 5k left me feeling even tighter than before, so recovery has been my main focus this week.  All of my runs this week have been easy.  I ran 4-6 miles each day this week, except for Thursday, and I am just now feeling loose and ready take on this Half Marathon.

To mix things up a bit, I have a question.  What do you do with your medals and race bibs?  Display them? Store them in the garage? Hang them above your fireplace?  Answer in Comments or send your answer to amanda.moore7141986@icloud.com.  Please let me know if I can share your answers in next week’s post!

I used to hang my medals on my canopy bed, because the head board is an array of metal ovals, perfect for hanging medals on, but when this bed started falling apart, I took them down.  My kids were standing on the end of the bed one day, and part of the frame snapped off.  Another time, my husband tripped and grabbed onto to the canopy frame to catch his fall, and it broke off.   Now my medals are in a box in our room, and my husband and I are looking for a new bed.

My race bibs end up in random places all over my house.  I find them by the shower, in the laundry room, under my bed, in my desk, etc.

Thank you BF for contributing to this weeks Weekly Questions and Answers!






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