Simply Running

After my last race, the Dallas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, I took a ‘Recovery Week.’  No, I did not stop running, but I did run easy all seven days.  It was nice to simply go for a run.  I ran on the treadmill for the first two days.  My legs were pretty beat up after four weeks of racing, so listening to music and running super slow on the treadmill seemed like a good idea.  I added in some core work after the treadmill runs.  I did plank, side plank with leg raises, reverse plank, and superman.  The following days, I ran outside.  I tried to stay on the grass as much as possible.  My joints and feet needed a break from the pounding.  I didn’t pay attention to my watch, or put much thought into how many miles I needed to run.  Each day I loosened up a little more, and on Sunday I was back at the lake running 13 miles, six of which were up and down hills.  This completed my ‘Recovery Week,’ and training resumed on Monday.  So far I have had an easy 8 mile day and a hill repeat day.

It feels good to be back!  After this block of training, I will run another series of races.  Here are the races I am currently looking into!

Nashville Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon

Skyline Half Marathon (Dallas)

Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon

DRC White Rock N Roll 5 & 10 Mile (I won the 5 Mile last year)


Wounded Warrior Half Marathon (Irving, TX)

UCAN Half Marathon (Mckinney, TX)

Hospital Hill Run Half Marathon (Kansas City, MO) (My sister lives in Kansas City!!!)

Lone Star Half Marathon (Arlington, TX)

My coach has not given me his thoughts yet on upcoming races, so if he tells me that I should do a series of 5 and 10k races, I will revise this list!





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