A Lack of Blog Posts

5 Reasons I have not kept up with my blog this week….

  1. Flag Football!!!  My two kids play on different teams that practice on different days.  Last weekend, they each had two games within a 24 hour period.  Friday’s games were rough, but they both won on Saturday.  Anderson scored two touchdowns on Friday and two on Saturday!  Akeelah got three sacks in row and scored her first touchdown on Saturday!
  2. Mileage Increase.  I began adding some second runs in the afternoon last week, and my Sunday long run was longer.  Last week I ran 70+ miles, and I am on track to reach 85 miles this week.
  3. Sick Days.  My son is home sick with me today.  He is watching ‘Pirates of the Carribean’ right now.  Hopefully chicken noodle soup and a movie marathon are enough to kick this virus.
  4. Race Schedule Craziness.  Everything is up in the air at the moment which seems to scatter my brain completely….
  5. School Change, Summer Schedule, Job Change, Dental Emergency, Broken House Key.

It’s awfully hard to type, when I can’t get into my own house!!! : )


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