A Hard Week of Training

Last week’s training was hard to begin with.  The addition of sleep deprivation and an asthma attack that landed my son in the hospital for 24+ hours made last weeks training exhausting.


Mileage- 8 easy

Pace- 7:45/mile

My legs and body felt tired on this run.  I did not get enough sleep last night.

Tuesday (this was supposed to be Wednesday’s workout)

Mileage- 9 easy

Pace- 7:45-8:00/mile

I felt sick when I woke up this morning, so I moved my tempo run to Wednesday.

Wednesday (Tuesday Tempo)

Morning Tempo

Mileage- 8

Pace- 2 miles easy, 3 miles at 6:40/mile, 3 miles easy

I felt sick again this morning, so I ran 3 at 6:40/mile instead of 4.

Afternoon Run

Mileage- 4

Pace- 7:50/mile

I felt much better on my second run.  I ran through a neighborhood next to my son’s flag football practice.


Morning Run

Mileage- 12

Pace- 8:09/mile

Slow and easy.

Afternoon Run

Mileage- 3

Pace- 7:50/mile

I ran on the grass during my daughter’s flag football practice.  Approximately 12 laps around the two fields was 3 miles.  After running past her team four times, I wondered if I was embarrassing her.  Luckily, when I asked her about it later, she laughed and said that she was not embarrassed.

Friday Track Before the Emergency

Mileage- 8

Pace- 2 miles easy, 10 x 200 meters (38-42 seconds for the 200’s) with jogging in between, 2 miles easy

I only got 4 hours of sleep before this early morning track workout.  I start my track workouts at 6 a.m., so I can finish before the high school team takes over.  Five minutes after I arrived back at home, my son had an asthma attack that wouldn’t respond to his rescue inhaler.  I rushed him to the ER at 8 a.m. After 3 breathing treatments and one dose of steroids, the doctor decided he needed to be admitted to Children’s Medical Center in Plano.  Another breathing treatment was started that continued in the ambulance and for an hour after settling into a room at Children’s Medical Center.  He had little improvement until the early evening, but once he turned that corner, his improvement was rapid.  He was discharged at 10 a.m the next morning.  All of this said, I decided to take the day off on Saturday.  This Mama was whooped.

‘Not Sure If I Want To’ Sunday Run 
Mileage- 16

Pace- average 7:45/mile  I started slow, but each mile got faster until mile 14.

I was exhausted at the very beginning of this run.  It took a lot of effort to get down to 7:17/mile.  I really pushed myself today.

Total Mileage- 68 miles



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