Boston Blues

I bought the Adizero Boston Boost 6 about 9 nine months ago from Luke’s Locker, and I honestly did not get much wear out of them to begin with.  After two runs in them, I was switched back to my Fast Twitch Saucony Racers, which I wore out in about 2 months.    So, did I return the Adizero Boston Boost 6?  No, of course not!  With running shoes, I always hold onto them, because I know that I will eventually put a few hundred miles on them.

Now it’s April, nine months later, and the Boston Marathon is coming up.  No, I am not running the Boston Marathon.  I have not been bitten by that bug yet!  However, I was tired of my Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 7, so I dug through my basket of shoes and found my neglected ‘Boston Blues.’  They fit better than I remembered.  They were more comfortable than I remembered.  After one run, I was hooked.  They became my new favorite trainers.

The Adizero Boston Boost 6 has a Continental rubber outsole which makes it a longer lasting trainer for the high mileage runner.  They are extremely comfortable, lightweight, flexible, and snug.  The back is relatively low and it is not stiff like the Supernova.  The flexibility of this shoe allows you to run how you want to run.  On your forefoot.  As a heel stiker.  A midfoot runner.  The Adizero Boston Boost 6 is a great trainer, tempo shoe, and Boston Marathon racing flat!

Looking for new running shoes?  CLICK HERE to try out the Adizero Boston Boost 6.

Visit my Shoe Review page for more on the shoes I wear out!

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