Stress Free Race Tips

Being organized and having a ‘go to’ routine during race week is a must.  Here are some tips that can help make race day run smoothly.

Prerace Planning

  • Have an A and B Parking Plan.
  • Plan to arrive at least one hour before the Race Start Time.
  • Make a gear plan.

For most races, I use gear check.  When I don’t use gear check, I put my car keys in my short’s pocket and hide the extra shirt that I wear before the race.  I have never had a shirt stolen, but I only do this with shirts that I don’t mind losing.

  • Check the weather.
  • Bring one more layer than you think you will need for after the race.

There is nothing worse than being cold and wet after a race.  A couple of years ago, I won a Quarter Marathon in Irving, TX, however, poor prerace planning on my part left me cold and miserable after the race.  It rained the entire race, was 50 degrees, and the entire event was outdoors.  I am not sure which was more exhausting, the race or receiving my award!  

  • Make sure there is enough gas in your tank.  Your car tank that is!
  • Inspect your racing flats one week before the race.

If they look like this…..

find some new ones ASAP!

  • Run in your racing flats once or twice in the week prior to the race.
  • Make sure you have all of your prerace foods and drinks in stock for race day. 
  • Charge and update your GPS watch.
  • Find a good pair of running socks two days before the race and set them aside.

I don’t know about anyone else, but trying to finding a matching pair of running socks hurts my brain.  If I go two days without doing the laundry, all of my good socks are gone.  

  • Check out the course online.  Sometimes you can find the course elevation and plan your pace accordingly.
  • Relax
  • Go to bed early.  Not everything has to be done the night before.  I give myself two hours in the morning to get ready.

Don’t change anything running related the day before the race.  My prerace meal and routine is exactly the same as my daily prerun routine.  This doesn’t count the extra hour for the race specific details.

  • If there are corrals, find out when they open and close.

For the Race

  • Visualize implementing your race strategy.
  • Come up with reminders for yourself.

Conservative start.  Pick up the pace at Mile __.  Try to catch one person at a time starting at Mile __.  

  • Come up with a mantra.

I can do this.  I’ve got this.  I’m strong.  

Have fun!  Enjoy!

Do you have any race tips that have helped make race day easier?

Thanks for reading!  Share! Like! Comment!  : )


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