UCAN Half Marathon Race Report

What I am not going to do is complain about everything that went wrong on Saturday.  We were lucky that the event even took place, since the threat of storms could have escalated at any moment.  We were lucky no one got hurt when the wind launched the vendor tents without warning.  We were lucky that the storms didn’t hit midrace. 

When I drove to McKinney Saturday morning with the wind blowing my car around and the heat and humidity already causing me to sweat, I thought about how tough and somewhat crazy runners are.  The turnout at the race was pretty incredible considering the conditions.

76 degrees…90% humidity…20mph winds…level yellow particle pollution…

Very few weather conditions stop us from running, and very few weather conditions stop the race director, crew, and volunteers from making the event happen.

When I felt how hard it was for me to breathe, my goals changed drastically.  I ended up focusing on mental toughness for the entire race, trying to push the pace when I needed to, trying to catch and pass that person in front of me, trying to increase turnover and stay light on my feet.  Even though none of these attempts were successful, they were still attempts, and I kept making them until I crossed the finish.  Then my legs gave out.  It was a tough race.

img_1345I was disappointed at first with my time, place, and the fact that I couldn’t do anything right physically on Saturday, but that feeling didn’t last long.  Too many factors were out of my control to give myself too hard of a time.  Once I rehydrated and refueled, I recovered quickly, and I felt ready to train again Sunday morning, running 10 miles up and down Lakewood Hills.

From the UCAN Half Marathon, I gained more mental toughness, patience, and a readiness to train even harder.

My next race is the Run Like a Mother 5k on May 13th.  I can’t wait!

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