Running Bucket List

So, I have decided to start a running bucket list.  Everything on this list has to do with running, and the list is running.  I am keeping this separate from my running goals.  This is my just because, just for fun, and just because I can Running Bucket List.

1.  When I tell people about my training, mileage, and times, and then I let out that I have never run a marathon, I hear shock in their replies, like there is no reason that I should not run a marathon.  This makes me think that I really need to get out there and Run a Marathon!

I am making my debut in the marathon on December 3, 2017 at the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio Marathon!  

2.  For our honeymoon, my husband and I went to Aruba for a week!  We stayed in a img_1439-1vacation rental on one side of the island away from all the big resorts.  During the day, we went to the beaches, rode bikes around town, rented sea doos, and climbed to the top of Hooiberg , and at night we made our way back around packs of dogs to our quiet apartment.  This trip was amazing, and we would love to go back.  So, next on my list…travel to ‘One Happy Island’ and run the International Boulevard Race 10k.

3.  I am going to catch some grief for this one.  Someday, just for fun, I want to…uh…I want to…run an Ultra Marathon.

4.  This may benefit my training and help me to achieve my goals; however, I am putting it on this list, because I want to see what affect it has on me regardless of what I am training for.  Next up… Running at a High Altitude like the Kenyans do in Eldoret!

5.  Almost every summer when I was a kid, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware was our family vacation spot.  My grandmother lived in Milford, Delaware and we would pick her up on the way to Rehoboth.  We stayed one hotel away from the boardwalk and beach at a Condominium called Patrician Towers.  So many memories…. Thrashers French Fries… Nic-O-boli’s…the horse races…boogie boarding…the Rehoboth Seashore Half Marathon  (okay….that is not a memory yet)!

‘Hand over the list, and no one gets hurt!’ Rehoboth Beach, May 2013, family trip

6.  I am all about running on the road, finding my rhythm, and running the fastest pace I can, but to mix things up, I want to Run a Trail Race.

7.  My sister lived in San Francisco for a few years, and after hearing all about the hills and nice weather, the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Francisco Half Marathon was added to my future races list!

8.  Now my sister lives in Kansas City, Missouri.  I haven’t been there either… How about a trip to Kansas City to visit my sister and run the Hospital Hill Half Marathon?

9.  My longest run is 18 miles…So I must run a 20 miler! Complete!  To find out when, where and how it went check out my Training Highlights!

10.  What is better than training for one race?  Training for a Double Road Race!  Two races on the same day, with a recovery break that is determined by how quickly you finish the first race.

11.  New!  I don’t know if this is in the plans for this training cycle, but next on my list is to have a 100 mile week!



Thanks for reading my Running Bucket List!

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  1. **shock** You’ve never run a marathon??!!

    Love the list! I would love to run SF Half someday. I have big ambition for someone who hasn’t run a half marathon yet 🙂
    Good luck knocking your present and future races out of the park!

    Liked by 1 person

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