I am a Runner and a Mother Moments


  1.  My kids and my husband think that my car stinks!  I think it smells just fine!
  2. I pick the kids up from school.  We walk through the doorway, and my daughter sees the Nike box on the dining room bench.  “Seriously, Mom?  Another pair of shoes?”
  3. We live 3.75 miles away from the elementary school, and I try to beat my kids and husband there.  I head out the door when lunches are being packed.  Last week, I beat them to the 3 mile marker (the traffic light).  So close!
  4. When I run by the elementary school, the crossing guard looks at me with a funny expression on his face like he has seen me from somewhere else….Carpool
  5. My son is very interested in my daily and weekly mileage!  I think he may become a runner later in life!
  6. My kids have been to enough races with me, that they have mastered the morning drill.  Get up and go…Dad can handle the rest! ; )
  7. “Mom!  What are you doing?”
  8. “I’m rolling out my glutes!”
  9. Saying “I’m going to run to the ___________” is taken very literally in our house!
  10. Hmmm….I wonder how many other running mothers in Dallas, TX have fixed ugali for their kids?  Joking aside….my daughter and I love ugali!
  11. “Mom!  Can I take a picture of your toes?”


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