Mother’s Day Gifts For Runners

  1. Massage Stick
  2. Trigger Point Roller
  3. Favorite Recovery Drinks….Stock up!  She probably hates running out.
  4. UCAN Products if you know her favorite flavors.  
  5. Running Store Gift Cards
  6. Favorite Brand Gift Cards….Nike? New Balance? Altra? Mizuno? Saucony? Adidas?
  7. Compression Sleeves (if you know her size…if you don’t then plan a shopping trip to get some)
  8. Sports Massage
  9. Normatec Sessions
  10. GPS Watch….My favorite brands are TomTom and Garmin.
  11. Bluetooth headphones
  12. Cooling towel…Summer is coming!
  13. Addaday Massage Roller
  14. Born to Run  by Christopher McDougall
  15. Fun Running Socks…Trying to find a pair of running socks is my least favorite part of getting ready for a run, in my mind there is no such thing as having too many pairs of running socks.
  16. Athleta Gift Card… Athleta is one of my favorite brands.
  17. Therabands for stretching and resistance.
  18. Sports Sunglasses…I like Tifosi Wisp Warp and Nike Vaporwing Elite.
  19. A gym membership for when it is too hot to run outside….I go to L.A. Fitness.
  20. If Mother’s Day is also long run day, wake up early and help out around the house before she gets back.
  21. Runner’s World Subscription…This is something that I would never get for myself, but if it was delivered to my house for some reason, I would read it from cover to cover.
  22. Running Decals so she can let everyone know that she is a runner!
  23. Running hat or visor
  24. A family run! (even if you are not a runner)

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