Run Like a Mother 5k Recap

The Run Like a Mother 5k turned out to be a huge success.  When I arrived at the event, my kids were hanging out at the L.A. Fitness tent with my husband.  I stopped by to give them hugs before I started my three mile warm up.  My daughter decided that she wanted to run the Kids 1 Mile Run, so I found a spot along the 1 mile course to start my drills.

I heard the start of the 1 Mile, and shortly after, I saw my daughter close to the front of the pack.  She was in 3rd or 4th place.  I found out later that she went out really fast, and by the time I saw her, she was paying for it.  I yelled, “Go Akeelah!”, and she picked up the pace.   (She claims that she didn’t hear me.)  Being the tough girl that she is, she held onto her pace and was the 1st Place Girl with a time of 7:06!

After I finished warming up, I jogged to the start line where I met a group of kids eager to start in the front!  I knew then that the start was going to be chaotic.  The race began in a sprint like expected, but I made my way to the front of the pack.  My pace was not where I wanted it to be.  I tried to relax and open up, but that was not happening.  Instead I held onto the pace I was running, stayed close to the pace bike, and focused on winning the race.  After the second mile, I heard someone coming up behind me.  Then someone yelled, “You can beat her!”  The footsteps I heard were from this boy who seemed to feel a lot better that I did!  He ran up next to me and said, “Great job!”  I said, “You too!”  The race was on!

This kid had an amazing stride and good technique.  He pushed me harder than I was able to push myself on Saturday.  

He passed me and held onto the lead for about half a mile, but I stayed with him.  We were neck and neck at the beginning of the last straightaway, and we turned it on at the same time.  I pulled ahead for the win!

I have been to several races where the kids line up in front, sprint the first 200 meters, post a good first mile time, and fade from there.  That said, I was impressed by my competition especially on that hot and humid morning!

My family congratulated me, and soon after I started my 4 mile cool down.  My time was far from a PR, (20:13) but I was really happy to notice that my left achilles tendon, calf, and hamstring all felt fine.  I ran the race in my Nike Free RN Flyknits which felt different, because I always wear my 2-3 oz racing flats.  I had been taking a break from my racing flats, since they seemed to be aggravating my achilles tendon.

My legs felt great after my cool down, and I met my family back at the LA Fitness tent.  We made our way over to the Awards Ceremony.  My daughter received a very  nice plaque for being the 1st Place Girl in the 1 Mile!

For winning the 5k, I accepted a very nice trophy, gift cards from the Frisco Running Company and Athleta, a gorgeous pair of Kendra Scott earrings, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

I gave the flowers to my Mom!

I wore my Kendra Scott earrings on Mother’s Day with my Athleta bathing suit!  


This was such a wonderful, feel good event for the whole family!



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