A Hot and Stormy Week of Training

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, just soft people.”

-Bill Bowerman

  • A week before the Run Like a Mother 5k, I started rehydrating with at least one Trace Minerals Power Pak per day.
  • I wore a long sleeve shirt on two of my morning runs for added heat training.
  • All of my running this week was done in my Nike Free RN Flyknits.
  • My total weekly mileage was 83 miles.
  • My next race is the Knights of Columbus 15k on Saturday, May 27th in Ft. Worth, TX.

Monday Morning Run

Mileage- 10.3

Pace- 8:08/mile

Easy pace.  Easy Run.  Staying fresh for Tuesday Hills!

Afternoon Run 

Mileage- 3

Pace- 8:12/mile

Half of this run, I ran on the grass.  Mid 80’s and sunny.

Tuesday Hills

Mileage- 8

Pace- 7:30/mile

2.5 mile warm up, 12 x 1 min hill repeats, 2.5 mile cool down

I felt really strong on this run!

Wednesday Morning Treadmill Run

Mileage- 11

Pace- 7:44/mile

I didn’t take any notes for this run, and I can’t remember why I ran on the treadmill…

Afternoon Run

Mileage- 3.5

Pace- 7:43/mile

It’s getting HOTTER!!!

Thursday Morning Rush Hour Run

Mileage- 10

Pace- 8:26/mile

It was super humid this morning, and I ran in a long sleeve shirt for some added heat training.  I saw two or three helicopters on this run, and found out later that there was a road rage shooting during morning rush hour about a block from my route.  Yikes.

Afternoon Run

Mileage- 1.4 that was supposed to be 3

Pace- 8:46/mile

Felt like 95 degrees.  Tornado Watch.  Ran out of time.  Moved full afternoon run to Friday.

Friday Track Workout


2 mile warm up, 2 sets of 5 x 200 meters, 200 meter jog between 200’s, 1000 meter jog between sets, 2 mile cool down, 4 strides at 4:40-5:10/mile pace

Feeling stronger and more confident with this training.

Afternoon Run

Mileage- 3.1

Pace- 8:24/mile

Grass run after spending the late morning and early afternoon at my kids field day.  Ready to get out of the heat!

Saturday Treadmill Run

Mileage- 10

Pace- 8:01/mile

Easy run.  Felt a little fatigued after yesterday’s workouts and outdoor activities.

Sunday’s Long Stormy Hilly Run

Mileage- 15.2


Total Climb- 545ft

I managed a negative split, but I didn’t pick up the pace as much as I planned to.  The amount of lightning this storm brought was a little unsettling.  I ran strong up the hills and felt like it was a solid long run considering the conditions.

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    1. It shocked me when I realized how the shooting time and place nearly matched where I was on my run, but honestly, I was more concerned about the lightning! I had no idea a storm that severe was coming. Thanks for the comment!


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