Friday Favorite with a Twist

I decided to add a twist to my usual Friday Favorite for this week.  This is the first time since Sunday that I have posted anything on my blog, so one Friday Favorite did not seem like enough to make up for every other weekday.  So here I go…  I had lunch today with my son at school and when we finished eating and ran out of things to talk about, I asked him if he wanted to play 20 Questions (a.k.a. Person, Place, or Thing?)  He said he didn’t, so instead, we played the slap game which is the game where one person’s hands rest on the other person’s hands and the person with their hands on the bottom tries to slap the top of the other person’s hands before they pull them away…  But that is beside the point.  Thinking of the game Person, Place, or Thing became my inspiration for this Friday’s post.


When I ran track as a kid, my favorite athlete was Michael Johnson, the former World and Olympic record holder in the 200m and the 400m.  At that time, I was a sprinter and I considered the 400m to be my strongest event, even though I had the most success in the 800m.  I also competed in the high jump, but I didn’t get to practice much.  The track that my team practiced at kept the high jump pit locked up, so my Dad would drive me to the SMU track to use their high jump pit.  Most of the time, my Dad and I were the only ones there, but one day I noticed someone else on the track doing speed drills.  He looked familiar and when he got closer to the high jump pit, we realized it was Michael Johnson.  My Dad tried to convince me to go over and say hi, but I didn’t want to interrupt his workout.  I was also scared to death!


After weeks of high mileage training, I finally convinced myself to book a massage at O. D. Wellness.  This is something that I rarely do, so I can conclude that I really needed a massage and the fact that I would like to go back soon to get another one means that O. D. Wellness is worth checking out!

  • I felt relaxed the moment I walked in.
  • $35 for 30min for back and head (mostly back)
  • She focused on the areas that needed the most work, instead of sticking to a set amount of time for each area.
  • There were no strong scents.
  • Friendly staff.
  • Nice indoor decor.
  • Traditional Chinese Medical Massage.​


Okay… back to Michael Johnson.  I’ve had this for over 18 years…

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

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