A Few Summer Race Plans

Long distance racing during the summer in Texas is…Draining.  Exhausting.  Risky.  Challenging.  Possible.  Rewarding.  Worth it.

Yesterday, I ran 4.5 easy miles outside in the afternoon.  At least, this run was supposed to be easy.  With the humidity near it’s max,  beads of sweat traveled down my face.  My clothes were drenched by the second mile.  When I stopped, sweat poured to the ground. 

Summer racing in Texas takes more planning, more hydrating, more post race prep, and more recovery.  Figuring out what works for your body in the summer heat is vital.  Which sport’s drinks or electrolyte replacements agree with you?  How much do you need to drink before the race?  Do you need to take anything in during the race?  What are your warning signs of dehydration?  This information is important for fall, winter, and spring racing as well, but in the summer, knowing what works for you helps to prevent heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Electrolyte Replacements for Summer Training and Racing

  • Trace Elements Electrolyte Stamina Power Pak
  • nuun hydration-  There are hydration tablets that you mix in 16 oz of water, and there are nuun performance pouches that have electrolytes and carbohydrates.
  • Generation UCAN Electrolyte Replacement
  • 1 part Gatorade/ 1 part water (not my preferred choice, but if it is the only thing available and I need to hydrate, it helps)
  • Essentia Water with a few pinches of Sea Salt

This Summer, have fun, stay hydrated, train hard, and listen to your body!
Now for my upcoming Summer Races…

  • Susan G. Komen North Texas Race for the Cure 5k on June 10… this Saturday!
  • Plano Pacer’s Millet Mile on June 24… I have only raced the mile a couple of times.  When, where, or what my time was, I have no clue.  So I am excited to see how fast I can run it.
  • Too Hot to Handle 15k on July 9…I run this race every year, and this tradition started when the Too Hot to Handle 15k fell on my birthday.    Last year, I won, and the prize was a new pair of Sauconys. This year, I am going for a repeat victory…I desperately need some new shoes!

That is all I have scheduled right now.  I may add another 5k to July and a half marathon to August, but I want to see how my body handles the high mileage training (80+) and racing early in the summer before committing to anything else.

What is your favorite electrolyte replacement for summer training?

Do you have any summer races scheduled?  

How do you ‘beat the heat’ in the summer?

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