Susan G Komen Race for the Cure 5k Recap

I am a creature of habit, comforted by the routines I have created.  An early riser.  A person with a plan.  I’m the one who wakes other people up, because I know their phone died in the middle of the night.  I do not sleep in.  And I most certainly do not sleep in on race day.  Or so I thought.

I woke up at 3:30 a.m. Saturday morning.  One hour before I had to get up.  However, during that one hour, I managed to fall back into a deep sleep.  Much later, I woke up to light shining through my windows.  I heard my phone making the faintest ‘beep beep’, ‘beep beep’.  A sorry attempt to wake me up.  I looked at my phone.  6:30.  What?  6:30?  I jumped out of bed and created a whole new routine.  Contacts, clothes, eat two bites of cereal, drink three sips of coffee and some water, grab my race bib, phone, watch, safety pins, water, and GO.

I made it to one of the parking garages at the Shops at Legacy at 7:20.  After I parked, I felt like I could breathe again, but my brain was still trying to catch up.  Three sips of coffee didn’t cut it.

For my warm up, I ran from my car to the race site and then on the course, totaling 1.5 miles.  Then I did some 100 meter strides and jogged towards the start.  ‘Here goes nothing.’

I saw some runners that I knew from the Plano Pacers and other Dallas area races.  We talked for a few minutes before the start which helped me settle into race mode.

The race started at 8:00.  I went out at a 6:00/mile pace, quickly backed off, and settled in with a group of runners.  Everything felt off, tired, and tight.  Miles two and three were a fight.  There were no other female runners near me, so I focused on hanging with a couple of men running my pace through mile two.  I passed one runner at the beginning of mile three and the other runner right before the uphill dash to the finish that I didn’t see coming.  I thought for sure that he would surge up the hill to finish in front, but I held my place and crossed the finish line ahead of him.

1st Overall Female!  Third win in a row!

Photo by Cortney Haney

After the race, I talked with friends, completed my 2 mile cool down, found my car, and accepted my award.  I felt good about the morning.  The chaotic start challenged me in a way that I am not used to, and everything worked out.  At 10:30, I climbed in my car, relaxed, and drove to Starbucks!

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  1. Your unusual morning is my norm. So glad it came together and gave you an awesome “start” to your run. Congratulations on the win for a triple! I love following your story.

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