Food and Music #1

Developing food allergies and being diagnosed with EOE (eosinophillic esophagitis) was painfully ironic.  After struggling with anorexia for 6+ years and finally breaking away from a rigid and restrictive diet, it became medically necessary for me to limit my diet to a list of foods I can write down on an index card.   The first food allergy issues I developed were related to pollen exposure.  Fresh fruits and vegetables, tree nuts, and peanuts were crossed off the list first.  Some reactions were less serious than others, but with each exposure, my reactions seemed to get worse.

A few summers ago, I ate some watermelon, and my throat nearly swelled shut.  I had trained myself to stay calm, drink something cold if I could, and breathe slowly.  Within forty five minutes, the swelling was gone and I felt fine.  A little shaken up with no desire to give any other fruits a try, but I was okay.

For more on why my diet is so limited (EOE), read My Freakishly Limited Diet Part One.

So what do I eat?

This is the start of a new series of blog posts.  One meal, one song.  I like music more than I like coming up with meals I can eat, so I am hoping that the music will be motivation to keep the variety coming with food!  Hah!

Organic White Rice with Smoked Salmon (plus a little bit of cheese and a dash of sea salt)

I don’t pay any attention to portions or calories.  If I am still hungry, I make more or fix something else.

Now for the music.  Currently, my favorite musician is Tokio Myers.  He is a pianist from London.  Here is a link to one of his music videos on YouTube.   Tokio Myers- The Matrix (Rework)

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    1. I couldn’t find a good recording of my favorite remix/rework of his, but I bet it will be on his first album. If you type up Claire de Lune/Bloodstream on YouTube you can listen to it, but there is background noise.


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