Millet Mile Race Recap

On Friday night, I knew that it was going to be hard to run my best mile time on race day.  The forecast showed thunderstorms hitting an hour before the race start, and recently the storms in DFW have been severe.  After minimal sleep, I woke up at 4:15 and went through my normal routine!  Coffee, cereal, stare at my phone, more coffee, get ready, and go.  As long as there was nothing posted on the race website about a cancellation, I was going.

I arrived at Bob Woodruff Park at 6:30 which gave me plenty of time to warm up, get my chip, and change my shoes if needed.  The rain started coming down during my 3.5 mile warm up and there were a couple of flashes and some thunder not too far away.  The storm was coming fast.

Rain doesn’t bother me.  Ice cold rain with wind…feels nice.  The 4 lb water logged shoe rain…makes it interesting.  The pins and needles rain…bring it on!  Rain with a thunderstorm….stops me, makes me question my sanity, makes me question other runner’s sanity, but if the race is on, I run. 

It started pouring just before the start of the race.  Most participants found shelter under the pavilion, but once the timing system was checked, everyone ran out to the start!

I didn’t go out as fast as I should have for the first 400 meters.  The possibility of slipping hung in the back of my mind.  Around the parking lot, past the pavilion, then a sharp turn down to the pond.  Once we started around the pond, I worked on picking up the pace and making up for my poor start.  I passed one girl, and caught up with another.  I tried passing her,  but as soon as I did, she increased her pace and stayed with me.  We were both out of breath and pushing it hard.  Nearing the finish, we both passed a couple of men.  I kicked and sped ahead but it was too much too soon.  She had just enough left to pass me a couple strides before the finish.  It was a great race.  My unofficial time was 6:02, and I was the 3rd Overall Female.

This was not the time I was going for, but I am confident that I have a better time in me.  After I caught my breath, I felt great.  My legs felt loose and ready to run more.  Unsure of what the weather was going to do, I decided to finish my run for the day at LA Fitness.  I ran a 5 mile cut down on the treadmill, from 8:00/mile down to 6:45/mile.

Next Up… Too Hot to Handle 15K on July 9, 2017!

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