Fourth of July Workout and Dive/Jump/Splash Contest

7:00 a.m. Track Workout at Lake Highlands

To check it out on Strava Click Here!

2 mile warm up

Quick Strides…I needed to hurry to avoid being trapped by the parade.

2mile tempo…averaged 6:50.  I felt like I was still loosening up a little, but for the most part it was a good tempo.

4 x 400 with 60-90 seconds of rest… Again, I was trying to beat the parade, so I cut a few seconds off of the ‘rest.’

Each 400 was sub 90 seconds.  One ended up being 83 seconds… A Lake Highlands 400 PR for me!

I snuck past the barricade and made my way to pick up my kids for the block party and parade that we had listed on our 4th of July Schedule!

After face painting, bounce houses, and ice cream, we decided to leave the parade early to go swimming and to have a…

Super sweet ice cream for a super sweet girl!

…4th of July Dive/Jump/Splash Contest!




Watching Fireworks is next on the schedule…When and Where…TBD!

What did you do for the 4th of July?

Where do you like watching fireworks? (If in the DFW area,  I would love to hear ASAP.  We are scrambling this year to make a decision!)

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