I Thought Every Day was Training Day

Silence.  More silence.  Does he believe me?  I look at my phone.  The call didn’t drop.  “Did you hear what I said?”

“Yes!  Is this your coach’s idea?”


“A full week off?  No running?”


“I knew I liked your coach!  Let him know I’d like to buy him dinner!”

This week is my first scheduled week off.  EVER.  I tried to get around it by agreeing to a Super Easy Week and then an Easy Week, but when I asked my coach, Jacob Phillips, if there was any benefit to no running at all for a week, his answer convinced me immediately.

In an email, he explained,”People who do not rest are usually not fast…You have to have recovery, and you have to have periods where the body absorbs the work you’ve done…Shalane Flanagan takes weeks off at a time at the end of a season or before a build up.  Same with Desi.  Same for any professional or elite level runner.”

For the first time, I had no reason to prove my point on the matter.  I knew he was right.  After reading the email once, I wrote back and agreed.

Today marks the first day of my week without running.  Wish me luck!

Some of you may be wondering why my coach suggested this week off.  Here it is.  My big news!


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  1. Congratulations on the marathon decision, – and listening to your coach This may be one of your most difficult weeks 😉 I’ll raise a glass to your success. Hope you have included a few massages in your recovery time! I have no doubt you will rock the race.!

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