Too Hot to Handle 15k Recap

“Today is not a good day to discover that your car AC is broken,” said the radio host when my kids and I waited at a traffic light on Thursday.  The front AC in my car goes out every summer without fail.  The back AC works fine.  The kids stay cool, but I suffer.  Last week driving my car felt like being trapped in a sleeping bag next to someone using a hair dryer.  

I started feeling the effects of the heat yesterday morning before my 4 mile easy run.  I thought I rehydrated enough to feel good for the race, and this morning, I felt alright.

However, at mile two, all my sweat came pouring out of me like it had started to rain.  I felt clammy.  My plan was to maintain my current pace and gradually start to catch people in the last 5k, but my plan fell apart.  My average pace at the 10k mark was not bad, but my stomach had left the race.  I knew I would get sick if I pushed it, and just thinking about pushing the pace made me want to double over.


Too make a seemingly endless race short, I walked three times, stopped for Gatorade and two towels, and considered stopping to sit down before making it to the finish.  After I convinced the medics that I was okay and didn’t need any help, I rehydrated enough to jog a couple of miles, climb into my car, and drive home.

“Yes, I feel hot.” “No, I don’t want to smile.”

“Fine, but it hurts just thinking about it.”

“How’s this?”

This race seemed Too Hot to Handle, but everyone who ran from Norbuck Park today, handled it!  Congrats to everyone who participated.  And Thanks to the Volunteers, Dallas Officers, and Medics for ensuring that Too Hot to Handle 2017 was a safe, organized, and fun event.  

What’s next?  Find out in tomorrow’s post!

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