Day 3

It is not the fear of losing fitness or speed that keeps me from taking a breaks.  Running is simply a part of who I am.  I love running everyday.  My training plans include zero days off.  However, I need to begin marathon training fresh and well rested, so my week off lives on…

That said, I still made it to the gym this morning for an easy workout.

20 minutes on the elliptical machine…I typically can’t stand the elliptical, but I wanted to do some sort of cardio for a warmup.

Forward lunges x 30 (pushing back up fast but controlled)

Lateral Lunges x 30

20 jump squats

Plank 2 minutes

Reverse Plank 1 minute

Single Leg Squats…Today I just worked on being able to do this correctly on each leg.  My left leg needs work.

Bike 20 minutes

Glute March x 30


My heart rate got up to 145 for the jump squats, but it stayed well below 130 for everything else.

Later tonight, I plan to do more Yoga X in my living room.

Three days down, four to go.

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