Day 7

After 22+ weeks of hard training and racing with days off only for an illness or achilles flare up, not running at all this past week was like checking into rehab for runners.  On Day 1, rest and recovery felt 100% necessary.  The heat exhaustion still had a hold of me and rehydrating was my top priority. ‘Withdrawal’ kicked in on Day 2 and Day 3.  I went to the gym to cross train both days, and I felt lost.  My body felt empty.  Going to the gym was not a good idea.

I only use the treadmill at the gym.  I am that girl that runs forever.  But not this week.

It took three days for my body and mind to realize that running wasn’t absolutely necessary for survival.  However, after Day 3, I accepted the week off, and I gave myself the vacation from running that I now know I needed.  I took on new challenges and broke out of my comfort zone.  This week became more than just a week off.  It became a week of discovery that I am thankful for.

Day 7 Workout- 1 hr of Kenpo Karate (in my living room with my kids)

The Karate led to some excellent martial arts instruction from my kids thanks to 3 + years at Guy Mezger’s Combat Sports Club.  Maybe on my next week off they will finally convince me to take a class!

Random observations from the past week…

  • I spent at least 50% less time showering.
  • I never ran out of clothes to wear.
  • Best nights of sleep in I don’t know how long.
  • Catching up on the laundry was an attainable goal.
  • I stayed up until 2 a.m. and felt fine the next morning!
  • I enjoyed the break (at least part of it)!

Now that my week off is almost out of the way, I am so excited I get to run tomorrow!  I have an easy week of running, and then marathon training begins!

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    1. Rock n Roll San Antonio Marathon first weekend in December. I will race through training as well. Only other scheduled race is Heroes Run Half Marathon in Shreveport, LA. Is the Marine Corp Marathon in DC? How is training so far?!?


      1. Oh wow, nice, I really want to do a rock n roll race. Everyone raves about them. And I’m the same way, I like to do races during training. Unfortunately, I don’t have any scheduled yet though, I’m hoping to find a half to do semi soon. Yup, it’s in D.C. so I’ll get to be a tourist and do some sight seeing while I’m there. Training so far is going ok, started slow, I’m hoping to ramp it up this month maybe with a couple races

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