This Morning I Ran On Clouds

Have you ever bought or won shoes that end up at the bottom of a shoe basket at the top of your stairs?  Have you ever dug them up years later to find out that you like them?

Running in my Vibram Five Fingers has been great, but this morning my feet needed a break.  I needed a pair of shoes that I hadn’t worn out.  So I dug up a pair of On running shoes that I have had for a couple of years and never worn.  The hardness of the sole made me question whether this was a good idea, but I decided to test them out anyway.

I ran 4 miles in them (between 7:30/mile and 8:00/mile pace) and I was surprised at how light and responsive they felt.  They are light shoes to begin with; however, I have been running in barefoot shoes, so I didn’t expect them to feel as light as they did.  Additionally, the hardness that concerned me felt more like responsiveness and spring!

The On Cloud Racer is now the On Cloud Rush.  The Rush has an inner sock-like lining and added cushioning for the heel.

If you live in the DFW area, you can check out On Running Shoes at Run Texas in Frisco!

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    1. Thanks! For the most part, yes they help me run faster…in part because I like being able to feel the ground when I run!?!
      But there are varying degrees of barefoot shoes for sure…I consider my Vibram Five Fingers and my 2-3 oz racing flats to be my barefoot shoes and everything else I wear a minimalist shoe. I don’t really notice a gait change. Possibly a shorter stride with the vibrams but not with the 2oz racing flats….Occasionally, I have to take a break from the vibrams when my overall pace increases and my miles are high (too much force on concrete). I add the vibrams into my training when I need to strengthen my ankles, but if you haven’t worn barefoot shoes for running for a long time, ease into running in them. : )

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      1. Thanks – I first read about these in detail in the book Running With The Kenyans. The writer says you almost have to learn to run all over again but the idea seems to be that it makes you faster to strike the ground forefoot first. I haven’t read Born to Run yet but will do soon. It’s interesting to hear from someone who uses barefoot and minimalist shoes regularly.

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      2. I am glad you mentioned forefoot striking…I have always been a forefoot striker, but I do remember focusing on turnover and staying light on my feet when I first started running in the vibram five fingers.

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