So Far So Good

My easy week back running has been easy, hot, and not too exciting.  I ran 36 miles for the week. 6,4,6,4, etc…  My overall easy pace increased without any extra effort.  Maybe I did need a week off after all.  Recovering after 6 miles of running in 90 degrees took no time at all, and my body did not radiate heat at all last week.  I am back and ready to train!

Today I ran 6 miles.  My average pace was 7:53/mile which is in my easy pace range.

Sunday Splits

Mile 1- 8:20

Mile 2- 7:53

Mile 3- 7:40

Mile 4- 8:02

Mile 5- 8:00

Mile 6- 7:26

Gear Notes

I have still been running mostly in the Vibram FiveFinger V-Run Road-Running Shoes.  I also tried out the On Cloud Racers last week on a 4 mile run.

My Vibram FiveFingers are almost worn out, and I like the On Clouds, but I have a feeling a pair of New Balance 1600s are in my future!

My Tom Tom Multi Sport Watch is awesome!  It connects to GPS easily, has a long battery life, and can be used for swimming.  Additionally, steps are recorded throughout the day.  I used the Swim setting on my week off, and I couldn’t help checking to see how far I had gone, how many laps I had finished, what my average pace was, etc…  This is what happens when a runner has a GPS watch in a pool…  I don’t pay much attention to my steps.  The only time I check is when my watch starts to buzz and vibrate during a run to let me know I have hit 10,000 steps at 8:00am.

Whats Next

Training, training, and more training…19 weeks of it to be exact.

Upcoming Summer Races 

I will let you know later this week what my next race will be!

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