A Runner’s Satisfaction

This week’s Daily Post Topic on WordPress…Satisfaction.  Something that satisfies me…Satisfies me as a runner.  As a competitive runner, I constantly work towards my goals.  If I meet a goal, I raise the bar.

In high jump, if you clear the bar, you don’t just stop there.  Even if you’ve won, you give the next height a shot.  Right?


Achieving a goal.  Winning a race.  These give satisfaction, but I am a Runner.  I like to keep going.

In a race, look forward.  Focus on catching the runner in front of you, and just keep running.  If you win celebrate.  If finishing is a win, enjoy that feeling of accomplishment.  


What is more satisfying than winning a race or setting a new PR?​

The training.  The sweat.  The two a days.  The race planning.  The confidence in the middle of a strong race or training run.  The worn out shoes.  The soreness from a tough workout.  The progress….

The Journey.  The Journey gives me satisfaction.

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    1. Thank you! That is a huge part of my journey since every part of training is working to achieve those race goals. I teared up when I ran sub 1:30 in a half marathon for the first time. : ) I imagine that your sub 3:00 marathon was quite satisfying. That is what I am currently working towards.

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      1. The sub 3 has given me my most satisfying running experience. It’s something I worked very hard to achieve and took me a long time. It’s also given me the confidence to try and push myself further. Good luck on your journey to sub 3. I am sure you will get there, look forward to seeing your posts when you do. I’m enjoying talking running with you recently.

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