Need Headphones?

If you like listening to music when you run, and you run solo,  do you really need to wear headphones?  If you are driving with your music playing and you roll down the windows, do you quickly put your headphones on so no one will hear?

On my easy runs I carry my phone with me.  No headphones.  Just my phone.  With the music on, I can hear a car coming, I can hear someone coming up behind me, and I can pay attention to my breathing and my cadence.

Sometimes it makes sense to wear headphones.  On a group run, during a race, or on a day where everyone is out running on the trail.  But when you are alone, running on the road or trail and there are not many people around, give it a try.  Toss aside your headphones and run to the music.

(Be considerate! Turn it down if you’re running past a playground listening to T.I. or M.I.A. )

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  1. I like your inclusion of safety and the awareness of who is around that might also “have” to listen to your sounds as you run by. Even in a group, one earbud would probably suffice. I like to hear what is happening around me – no surprises. But I am a walker and it takes me longer to get to where I am going. : )

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  2. I bought bone conductive headphones that don’t go into my ears. They let me hear what’s going on around me, as well as listen to podcasts (I tend to listen to them on long & recovery runs). On interval sessions I run without music 😊

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    1. Interesting…I have never heard of those. Do you carry your phone or do you have a gps watch with music or some other cool tech I have never heard of? 😉 After 10 miles I carrying my phone is a pain…


      1. The lake I run at feels much safer when there are tons of people out exercising. It is the early morning when not many people are out yet that makes me stay more alert. Same around my neighborhood with the dart train, people coming and going from around the city or just hanging out be the stations. When it is light out I feel much better! ☺️

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