Training Highlights


Hardest Workout

Tuesday Morning Tempo

2 mile warm up that turned into a 3 mile warm up…

6 mile tempo with a speed limit of 7:00/mile pace…actual average pace 7:06/mile

1.5 mile cool down

Afternoon Run

3 miles easy

Best Run 

Tuesday Tempo

Splits (6:56, 7:04, 7:07, 7:06, 7:16, 7:05)  These splits are a huge improvement for me.  I have not mastered the art of pacing, but I think I did a good job on this run.

Tempo runs are always a challenge for me.  They are the workouts that I believe make the difference on race day.  In the first mile, I get slightly out of breath, then my lungs open up a little, my stride gets longer, and if I am pacing myself correctly, I reach a point where the target pace is still hard but manageable.  My lungs and pacing make tempo runs difficult.  Being out of breath and unable to reach that hard but manageable state makes me nervous.  This is one of very few successful tempo runs.

Long Run

16 miles @  8:15/mile (average)

I ran at the lake this morning, and the humidity got the best of me for the second half of this run.  A 2hr 15min run plus a 1hr 15min drive to Euless and back to pick up my kids gave me enough reason to make the ‘Mommy is taking a nap for an hour’ announcement after I took a much needed shower.


Not quite as hot.  Still humid.  Current heat index… 107 degrees.

Gear Notes

On Monday, I ran in my Vibram Five Finger V-Run Road Running Shoes for the last time.

For every mile after Monday, I ran in my Altra Escalantes.

Upcoming Races

Hottest Half on August 13, 2017

This will be a training run.  A place to practice mid race hydration and running negative splits.

Coming Up Next Week…

High Mileage.  Tempo Run Tuesday.   No Taper.

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