Sometimes Life Hits You in the Face

….And sometimes pecans do.  On Wednesday morning, I set out on my 10 mile run before sunrise.  My legs felt heavy from the hill workout I had done on Tuesday making my easy pace harder than normal.  I turned onto Collins, ran up an easy hill and onto the bike path.  A few blocks later, I saw a black and white creature scurrying off towards a nearby parking lot.  I stopped, realized that it was a skunk and that it was traveling away from me, and decided to continue on the bike path.  However, I quickly changed my course when the skunk turned around and scurried in my direction.  I jump turned and ran the opposite way, crossed the street, and ran on the road.  That was close!

Running to my kid’s elementary school and back is only eight miles, so when I got back to my neighborhood, I needed to do a few large laps to finish ten.  On my first lap, traffic forced me up onto the sidewalk.  And that’s when it happened.  Something popped me in the face right under my eye.  It felt like a rock.  I kept running, avoiding all trees as  I finished my miles.  My face burned.  I wasn’t sure if I was bleeding or not, but I didn’t really care at that point.  When I got back to my house, I looked in the mirror to see the damage.

Nature got the best of me on Wednesday’s morning run.

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  1. That is one story, Glad you are ok! The pecan must have flew off the car tire which projected it like a missile into your face. I was on my motorcycle in the past and a friend was riding in front of me and a rock flew up from his rear tire and hit my shin. I seen the rocking coming at me in slow motion and it hit my shin and boy did it hurt. Hope you heal soon and keep up the great writing.

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    1. Thank you! I didn’t see it coming at all, but you might be right about the tire. The side of my face that it hit was the side closest to the street, and that trajectory makes more sense than the pecan falling and the wind launching it at my face. Either way, it hurt and there is no need for a repeat. Hah
      My face is finally starting to heal! : )


  2. I had to laugh at the image that played in my mind of your jump turn to avoid the skunk. Good reflexes lady! The pecan projectile was a bit scary. Glad you are alright.

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  3. Skunks are curious, and definitely not afraid to bite/spray. We have one thst roams around the neighborhood, and i joke about it every night i have to work. As long as I’m not within 12 feet of the critter I’m good. Once i see it coming toward me I’m booking, and i know it can’t catch me.

    With the pecan, i always view things like that as a form of nature knocking me into reality 🙂

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    1. I was completely taken by surprise when the skunk turned around and came towards me. It seemed 100% confident with its adaptation! Hah!
      Random incidents, like with the pecan, usually don’t happen to me, so I have been doing some thinking about that! 🙂

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