Training Highlights

8/14 – 8/20

Hardest Workout

18 mile long run @ 8:30 pace

I knew going into this run that it was going to hurt and be hard to complete.  Every day of training last week seemed like a challenge.  Even on the easy days, I felt heaviness in my legs, and my speed was M.I.A.  I told myself that I was pushing through to the next level.

On my 18 mile run, I started out conservative.  My goal for this run was to stay in control with even pacing and positive thinking.

My legs and feet ached through the first 10 miles.  After I stopped at my car to switch shoes, I reminded myself that this fatigued state is similar to how I will feel in the second half of the marathon and that I need to get used to it.

I added some hills into the last third of the run to mix it up a bit and to practice pushing myself beyond what I felt like doing.  Running hills also tends to unlock any tightness that I am feeling.  While my legs were still very tired after that last climb, my stride felt more natural and relaxed.

Fueling yesterday did not go well.  I sipped on the concoction that I made (water, chia, salt, and honey) but that was not enough.  I needed more of everything.  Salt. Carbs. Water.  At mile 10, I stopped by my car to switch shoes and to rehydrate with my other electrolyte replacement drink.  When I finished 18 miles, I downed 16 oz of water, but I still felt like I was in desperate need of salt and carbs.  I stopped by Starbucks on the way home, and within 20 minutes, I finished 2 Venti Vanilla Cremes, 8 oz of Gatorade, 8 oz of juice, and water with added salt.

Best Run

The long run.  Even though it was a fight and not a very fast run, finishing strong increased my confidence in taking on  the longer distances still to come.

Total Mileage

74.5 Miles


Humid.  Upper 90’s.  Heat index over 100 degrees on Saturday and Sunday.

Gear Notes

So…I thought that I had run in the Vibrams for that last time, but even with a hole in them, I completed a couple of my easy runs in them.

I am waiting on my new running sandals to arrive, and I am super excited.  I run and race my best in racing flats that have nothing to them.  Mizuno Wave Universe 5.  New Balance 5000.  The problem is they wear out really fast.  A few of my injuries are probably due to wearing worn out flats.  The running sandals are similar to my lightest racing flats as they both have a very barefoot feel, but the sandals are supposed to have a longer life.

I wore my heaviest shoes for most of my long run yesterday.  The Adidas Supernova Glide Boost.  I finished out the run in my Adizero Bostons.

Coming up this week…

Tempo run, 200 meter repeats, and another 18 mile run hopefully in my sandals! : )

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  1. I’m in awe of your weekly mileage Amanda, just wow! Running in that heat, I can understand why you’d need all that extra fluid at the end. This is the first time I’ve trained for a marathon over the summer, and with the extra mileage I’ve needed to hydrate much more than when training for a half. I’m interested in your tempo run – what’s the plan?

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    1. Thank you! My tempo has been alternating weekly between two workouts. This week is 3 mile warmup 3 miles in 20-21 minutes 3 mile cooldown. The other tempo is 2 mile warmup 6 miles at 7:00/mile (goal time of 42- 43 minutes) 2 mile cooldown.

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    1. Thanks! I am trying out a pair of running sandals tomorrow. They are supposed to be like running barefoot but with a little protection. My form is best when I run in a barefoot shoe.


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