Tuesday Tempo

I struggled through another tempo run today.  After three miles of trying to warm up, I went through my drills and strides.  My lower back felt so tight and something was pulling from my spine around to my hip on one side.  It would not let up.  I decided to go ahead and start my tempo, knowing that I may be off on my pace.  My back.  My hips.  My hamstrings.  All locked up.  After 3 miles @ 7:20/mile, I cooled down.  I completed my 9 miles this morning, but it was not easy, smooth, or pretty.

Even though I am frustrated with this morning’s run, I know that I am still on the right track.  When the miles start adding up, my pace slips a little.  Then I adapt to the new weekly mileage and pick up the pace.  That is my theory at least.  Not every training run is going to be perfect.  Not every week of training is going to be a success.  However, with the right plan and the will to keep going, the good and the bad days of training will pay off.

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