Workout Complete, Time to Post?

Running jokes constantly pop up on my social media news feeds, and I see the one about runners posting their workouts frequently.  I love running jokes.  I can relate to several of them, and I find most of them funny.

The other day, I thought about how many runners, including myself, post their workouts, routes, mileage, pace, etc. on social media, and I wondered how that is perceived, what the purpose is behind it, and whether or not anything is gained from it.  I wondered if people thought I was showing off or whether they assumed I was just full of myself.  Ten years ago, this would have been a very big deal; however, people have a right to their own opinion, and I don’t have to let it affect me.  So I don’t.  If you assume that someones motivation is bad or selfish, then you will probably see that person like that too.

(And just in case you are wondering…No one has made any inconsiderate or distasteful comments.)

When I post my workouts, I hope that some people are inspired to begin running or working out.  I hope others with similar goals get that extra motivation or push to do the hard workouts that are in their training plan.  I hope others reach out to connect with me, to share ideas, experiences, or to just talk running.

For me, seeing other runner’s workouts makes me feel like I am part of a community or team.  Maybe we compete against each other.  Maybe we don’t.  But we all push our bodies, our hearts, our minds in ways that most people don’t.  When I start to get tired from weeks and weeks of training,  seeing that other people are training hard too sparks that competitive drive to push through the fatigue to reach that next level of fitness.  Some of us may be competing against each other through social media, and in my mind, that is okay.  If we were training partners, we would push each other during the workouts.  The competition, inspiration, motivation, and connection may be just what we need to reach our goals!

Do you post your workouts?  Why or why not?

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  1. I share my workouts on Strava, I enjoy the interaction with friends. In my blog. I may talk about the details of the workout but I rarely mention Pace. I love the running talk with my online run community – it motivates, educates and inspires me

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    1. I never really thought about the reasons why not to share pace in blog posts… One reason I do is to show the variances from workout to workout. When I wasn’t running as fast, seeing other people’s faster paces motivated me to do more and showed me what was possible, but I can see where some might compare in a negative light. Thanks for commenting! : ) I use Strava as well!

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  2. Great post. I share my running posts online, I try not to overshare my running posts on my personal page but running is part of who I am so my friends should understand that. I agree that others posts can inspire others. Your posts on your different social media have inspired me so keep posting

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    1. Thank you! I try not to go overboard with daily workouts as well! But if I start to, please let me know! Your posts have inspired me as well, and it’s nice knowing I am not the only one who trains and races mostly in barefoot running shoes! : )

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  3. I share on social media (facebook) certain runs and race results that I’m particularly proud of. I took some time to consider how that might come across to other people, but when I thought about it I realized that I was just sharing something I’m proud of. There’s no reason to feel bad or feel like you shouldn’t be able to share your accomplishments. I like seeing when other people post running achievements too, big or small. It’s just great knowing how many people out there enjoy this sport we love, and sharing it with other people is also great.

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    1. Exactly! I have been amazed with how much support I have received from social media and wordpress. The running friends and connections I have made are amazing as well. I am going the be anxiously waiting for race reports when marathon day comes around for everyone I’ve connected with through blogging.

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  4. I honestly never looked at posting workouts as a bad thing. Just not my thing, I really suck at social media as a whole lol but I love seeing results. I think it’s pretty inspiring to see someone succeed (and struggle) in your hobby/sport… Or maybe that’s just a runner thing haha I don’t know

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    1. I am getting better at social media. Hah. I don’t think it is just a runner thing but I don’t think it applies to every sport. I have several jiu jitsu friends and they are incredibly supportive online too. I have mentioned before about the lack of support from facebook blogger groups but certain running groups on Facebook are awesome.


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