Training Highlights


Hardest Workout

Friday Speed Maintenance

2 mile warm up (ended up being a 3.5 mile warm up)

Drills plus strides

20 x 200 meters

2 mile cool down (1.5 mile cool down since my warm up was long)

My schedule was thrown off a little last week, so I couldn’t make it to the track for this workout.  Instead of using distance for these intervals, I set up my watch for 20 x 42 second fast intervals with a 1:15 recovery jog in between each.  I didn’t push my speed as hard as I would have on the track, but I still ran fast.  If I had been at the track, my target time for each 200 would have been 40-42 seconds.  Even with the change I made, this was a very tough workout.  I focused more on my form than on my speed.  Drive the knee forward.  Light on my feet.  Fast turnover.  I finished strong and recovered enough for my 3 mile afternoon run.

Best Run

Plano Pacer’s Dog Days 3x3k Relay

I went into this relay with fatigued legs from Friday’s 200s.  My goal was to run hard but controlled.  I planned on running the 2nd leg, but last minute, I agreed to run first.  (No pressure.)  I went out fast to break away from the crowded start.  About 400 meters into the race, I had to remind myself to breathe because for some reason I was holding me breath.  After ridding myself of all the prerace nerves, I found my rhythm.  Under the bridge, around the mud, and nearing the first turnaround, I held a 6:35/mile pace.  The turnaround under the pavilion, plus the next sharp turn, and last turnaround slowed my pace down a bit, but after the turns, I started to relax.  I told myself I had miles and miles to go, so I needed to stay in control.  I reached the exchange in 12:14, and my teammate was off.  Our team, 400 Pounds and Moore, finished with a time of 35:06 for 2nd place in the Coed Division.

Running a 6:30-6:40 pace comfortably on tired legs gave me confidence in my training and progress.

Total Mileage

63.6 Miles

I cut my Long Run short yesterday.  My foot never completely healed after running the Hottest Half barefoot, and after running through the pain on Friday and Saturday, the 18 mile Long Run was just too much.  At 6.5 miles, I stopped and decided to heal up, so I can be 100% healthy for training.


Hot.  Humid.  Windy on a couple days.

Gear Notes 

I ran several miles in my Adizero Bostons, about 12 miles in my new Xero Sandals, and a few miles in my retired Vibram Five Fingers.

Upcoming Races

September 17- Roller Coaster 10k @Six Flags (I haven’t committed to this one yet.)

September 24-  Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon

Coming Up This Week

A day of recovery for my foot, a 6 mile tempo run, and a solid 18 mile run.

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  1. Solid week! Way to nail that race on tired legs.
    Don’t you just hate having a Sunday run go to waste? Sounds like you made the right call cutting it short, but I felt the same remorse this week having to shorten a Sunday run. We’ll both make up for it next week for sure!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sometimes we just need to listen to the body and rest. After doing just under 40,000 steps yesterday, my Garmin has been shouting ‘Move’ at me all day today. Current step total 1,663 and it’s now 8.15pm. It’ll be lucky to see 1,700 before I go to bed 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is too funny. My watch announces the step ‘milestones’ at the strangest times. Doesn’t your watch know how much effort goes into running a half marathon after a five mile warm up?!? ; ) What run do you have scheduled tomorrow?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ‘Not a sprint’ is what my coach always says. Trying to keep the uphill effort not much more than the downhill. This may be the same as the ‘Kenya Hills’ My pace never seems to match my tempo run pace though. Maybe this will improve!

        Liked by 1 person

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