Maintaining good posture throughout the day has a large impact on running form, and miles and miles of running can make this hard to do.  When everything tightens up, my posture suffers and my alignment is thrown off. Today, I want to share this Runner’s World video with you that shows how to check your alignment and correct it.  I tried this out and after a few minutes of straightening myself out, my shoulders relaxed, and I felt relief all along my spine.  Click the link to watch the video on You Tube!

Lower your risk of injury with proper alignment

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  1. I’ve been interested in alignment and general body health since reading books by Kelly Starrett (Becoming a Supple Leopard, Deskbound) over the last few years. I think what she says about most injuries being caused by habits outside of running, rather than form during movement, has a lot of merit. I’m in the process of switching over to a standing work space at home to use my laptop, spending more time on my feet, etc. Its made me a lot more aware of my body and alignmet, would recommend anyone interested in the subject check out those books.

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      1. I would definitely look into it more, the Deskbound book is a really compelling read and suggests that long-term sitting (such as in many office jobs or long commutes) may cumulatively be as harmful as smoking. The thing that surprised me more than anything was how simple it was to convert an area without buying any special equipment or desks.

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