Two Weeks of Instagram

I started running again in my Mizuno Wave Universe 5 Racing Flats.  

Locked out of my house.  No keys.  No gas in my car.  Killing time with Instagram.

On Thursday, I waited in line at two different gas stations for at least 1 1/2 hours.  No luck.  

This is my favorite place to go by myself to clear my head.  It’s quiet, secluded, and right next to the dart rail.  Listening to Sia.

Going to the doctor for anything related to running is one of my least favorite things to do.  

This is the featured photo for a recent blog post. 

I may be 31 years old, but I still love to swing. 

A beautiful day at the park with my kids.  

My best running photo.  Taken at the Plano Pacer’s Dog Days 3x3k Relay.

My new Xero huaraches.  Yes, I have run in them.

My 2XU Compression Pants.  I have had them for over three years.  They are great for recovery.  

Post run stretch.

Ran some more in the Vibram Five Fingers with the hole.  Big mistake.

They look brand new from this angle.

I had no idea I took this picture until we got home from Hawaiian Falls.  Not Bad! 

After my 18 mile run, we spent the afternoon at Hawaiian Falls.  A last day of summer treat!

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