Training Highlights


Hardest Workout and Best Run

This past week did not go according to plan.  My left foot, the one that took the most damage from the barefoot race a couple of weeks ago, became inflamed and almost too painful to walk on last Saturday night.  The pain increased over the next few days.  I thought it was a bone bruise from running in such minimal shoes, not to mention the fact that I ran in my Vibrams with the hole again the week before.  However, the usual rest, ice, Advil, and elevation did nothing to help.  The heat I felt coming from my foot on Thursday pointed to infection.  With some coaxing, I went to the doctor to have it checked out, and sure enough, the doctor easily concluded that it was infected.  My first two key workouts were affected by my foot, so my hardest and best workout ended up being my Long Run which I completed today.

18 miles easy with some hills, 2 hours 37 minutes, 508 ft climb

My plan was to drive to White Rock Lake to run part of my long run with my training partner.  My car has had a nearly empty tank since Thursday, but my husband called a station not far from our house and confirmed that they had gasoline.  Unfortunately, my car wouldn’t even start.

This stuff doesn’t seem to happen to my training partner, so when it happens to me, I can’t stand it.  I am thankful that my training partner is so understanding of every random unfortunate circumstance that comes up.  

After explaining the situation, I came up with a new plan.  A solo run from my house, making sure to pass a few water fountains and a convenient store to buy a Gatorade.  I had not been able to do as much hydration prep as I wanted to, so I ran at a conservative pace just in case.

My Short Run Playlist on my phone has gotten longer and longer over the past week, so I played it for the first half of my run.  Half of my run was still 1 hour 18 minutes so I need to rename that playlist.  A few noteworthy songs on that list are I’m Only Human After All by John “The Ragin Cajun” Jones, Elastic Heart by Sia, and Chandelier by Sia.

My playlists are ever changing, avoiding Country music at all times.  

At mile 10, I stopped by a water fountain, and by mile 11, I knew I needed to replace some electrolytes.  This forced me off the planned course so that I could stop at the nearest convenient store to buy a Gatorade.  It was a pain holding my unfinished drink for the rest of my run, but sipping on it every 1 1/2 miles kept me hydrated and feeling good.

My pace was steady for the last two miles.  I wanted to finish feeling good enough to keep going as to prepare for next week’s 20 miler.   After my one mile recovery walk, I collapsed on the bed with an ice pack, vanilla ice cream, my CEP compression socks, and my phone.

Total Mileage

50.9 miles


Hot.  Humid.  For my run today, it was in the 80’s with 65% humidity.  My husband said I had Tina Turner hair after my run.  Humidity does horrible things to my hair when I can’t find a rubber band to tie it up.

Gear Notes

For the past three days, I have run in my Mizuno Wave Universe 5 Racing Flats.  My lightest, cheapest, and flashiest shoes!

Upcoming Races

September 17- Roller Coaster 10k @ Six Flags (still not 100% about this one)

September 24- Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon

October 28- Brookshire’s + Super Foods Heroes Run Half Marathon

December 3- Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon San Antonio

Coming Up This Week

Tempo Repeats, 800 Meter Repeats (I love these!!!),  and my first ever 20 Miler (on my Running Bucket List!!!)

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    1. Thanks! This is the first set of 800’s at the track that my coach has assigned. 3 mile w/u 6x 800 @ 3:05-3:10, 3 min rest in between, 3mile c/d. I imagine the rest will get shorter and the number of repeats will increase in the weeks to come. I don’t know the details of the Yasso 800’s but I do know that they are supposed to be a good predictor of your marathon time. I follow Bart Yasso on Instagram. : )

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      1. I’m not wholly convinced, at least for a marathon. So much of that is about endurance. In my last Yasso session a couple of weeks back I was comfortably running under 3:40 – I can’t see me doing that in my first 26.2!

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