Training Highlights


Hardest Workout

Friday’s Improvised Track Workout

3 mile warm up

6×800 @ 6:15-6:30/mile (my pace was all over the place)

3 mile cool down

The track closest to my house was being resurfaced, so I ran the 800s on a trail next to The University of Texas at Dallas.  Every other 800 was at a slight incline which affected my pace.  I ran these cautiously as I had twisted my ankle on Thursday, and it was still a little swollen.  No pain.  No instability.  Just swollen.

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On Thursday, I went to Prairie Creek for my easy 8 mile run.  For the first 4-5 miles I ran up and down hills then decided to run around the creek for the last few miles.  At mile 7, my feet were getting a little sore so I hopped up onto the grass.  My almost worn out Mizuno Wave Universe 5 racing flats did not protect my feet from the rough surface of the road around the creek.  On my third lap around the field my foot disappeared into a rabbit hole, my ankle rolled, and I fell, scraping up my knee and nearly doing the unthinkable to my ankle and fibula.  I waited a minute before getting up to see if I could walk.  My ankle and right above my ankle felt off, but in sheer disbelief, I walked the half mile to my car with no pain or instability at all.  It really just felt like something had happened to my ankle and leg but my body hadn’t quite figured out whether this was an injury or not.  After icing it three times, taking Advil before bed, and sleeping with it elevated, it felt good and ready to go for Friday’s Track Workout.


What is it about hopping up onto different surfaces that screws me every time?  I run up onto the side walk and get a black eye from a pecan.  I run up onto the grass and I nearly break my ankle in a rabbit hole.  I say, from now on whichever surface I start on I stay on.

Best Run

My first ever 20 Miler!!!

I ran solo from my house again, but I changed up the course a little.  My plan was to run over to the Corporate Challenge 5k within the first third of my run to get some gatorade, but when I got over there, I ended up running part of the course that led me away from the gatorade.  I decided to continue on with my 20 miles.  I stopped for water at a water fountain, and around mile 16, I bought a gatorade.  The weather was so nice that I really didn’t feel like I needed that much to drink.

Gradually increasing the pace throughout this run, I finished with a negative split, a smile on my face, and a lot left in the tank.  Twenty miler complete!  First item to cross off of my Running Bucket List!

20 miles @ 8:13/mile average

Fastest mile split – 7:46 

Total Mileage and Elevation

80 miles / 128.75 km (79.9 on Strava)โ€‹

1,378ft / 420m climb


Cooler!!!  Dryer!!!  Temps still reached the upper 80s and low 90s in the afternoon.

Gear Notes

Most miles I ran in my nearly worn out Mizuno Wave Universe 5 Racing Flats!  I just ordered a couple more pairs for $35 a piece.

Upcoming Races

September 17 – Roller Coaster 10k @ Six Flags

September 24 – Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon

October 28 – Heroes Run Half Marathon in Shreveport (this run supports the Wounded Warrior Project)

December 3 – Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon San Antonio

Coming Up This Week

Lower mileage, Pre Race Workout, 10k

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  1. Sounds like you are coming back quickly, Amanda.
    I can relate to unfamiliar surfaces. I do some of my running in the dark, so I have to be very familiar with the course! LOL

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