Twenty Miler and a Tarantula

A few noteable and hopefully entertaining happenings…

The King’s Speech is an amazing movie that I saw for the first time last week.  Not many movies hold my attention, but this one was phenomenal.

Yesterday marks the first time that I have been referred to as a chum!  Blogging has connected me with people all over the world, and I love it.

The armadillos again… Every other time I’ve seen an armadillo, it’s been by itself.

And yesterday, during my 20 mile run, my husband caught a tarantula at LA Fitness.

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    1. Yes. My husband works there and it was climbing up the wall. His coworker is keeping it. 🤔😳
      My daughter spotted another one at a playground this afternoon in one of the knobs of the climbing wall. 😬Hairy spiders creep me out.


  1. Oh I’m jealous! Actually, I’m double-jealous, I’ve never seen an armadillo outside of the zoo, or a book. And I really wish I could do a 20 miler right now. I signed up for one later this month and think I might have to back out now due to plantar fasciitis, no fun!

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