Tour des Fleurs Quarter Marathon Race Recap

5th Place Overall Female.  A check in the mail.  I’ll take it.

Earlier in the week, I made a race change from the Roller Coaster 10k (which was canceled) to the Tour des Fleurs.  I also made a shoe change from the Mizuno Wave Universe 5 (2.2 oz racing flats that I train and race in) to my two year old Saucony Fast Twitch Racers.  Not by choice…

And the weather changed from refreshingly cooler to ‘who turned up the heat’ hot and ‘I sweat before I run’ humid again.  Adapt and overcome!

I began my normal race day morning routine around 4:30.  Coffee, oatmeal, stare at my phone, get stuff ready, pose for a photo (this one is new), and go.

I really wanted to bring my headphones to warm up with but ever since I published Need Headphones? all of my headphones started disappearing.  So instead, I spent a few extra minutes in my car in the parking garage listening to Victory Lap  and My Oh My by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis before checking my bag and beginning my warm up.

My warm up included a two mile jog plus drills and strides.  Running fast felt a little off in the Sauconys, but this time, in this race my shoes were going to stay on my feet no matter what.

Photo by Ryan L.
At 7:50, the race started.  With the conditions being as they were, I realize now, that I went out way too fast.  Mile 1.  6:25.  The first half of this course was flat, so I planned on running the first half at a fast but comfortable pace.  But on this day in September, 6:25/mile did not seem easy or at all comfortable.  Mile 2.  6:43.  Mile 3.  6:55.  I could not find any sort of comfortable pace.  I slowed down a bit, made it up the first hill, and held the slower pace to make the rest of the race manageable again.  Since this was not going to be a PR race, I really focused on finishing strong and staying relaxed and in control.

I wasn’t too far from 4th place at mile 6, so I cautiously increased my speed.  Unfortunately,  I couldn’t close the gap, but…there is always next time!

After I rehydrated and called my kids, I chatted with friends, met some new people, and ran 4 cool down miles.  The awards for the Quarter Marathon began immediately after I picked up my gear bag.  Perfect timing!  From there, everything happened pretty fast.  A 5th place announcement, an unexpected payday, and a sample of High Brew Coffee.

Overall, I consider this race a success even with my average pace of 7:05/mile .  I finished strong, uninjured, with shoes on my feet, and ready to take on another week of marathon training and the Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon.

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(Featured Photo by Ryan L.)


  1. Congrats! I can imagine it must be quite disruptive to have your preparation and routine altered by the shoes not arriving in time, all the more impressive for that. Just reading those mile splits is making me feel exhausted πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks!
      And about the shoes…Yes. It was very disruptive. I am just glad I still had those Sauconys or else I would have had to wear shoes that are 4-5 oz heavier than the Mizunos. And I run most of my miles in the Mizunos.

      Liked by 1 person

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