Training Highlights


Hardest Workout (other than the Tour des Fleurs Quarter Marathon)

Pre-Race Workout

2 mile warm up


3 mile tempo @ 6:56/mile

4 x 200 @6:00/mile or faster pace with 30 seconds rest in between

2 mile cool down

My body was still recovering from the 20 miler and the tough 80 mile week which made holding the target pace difficult.

Best Run

Easy Long Run

After a tough race on Saturday, being able to run 12 easy miles @ 8:35/mile down to 7:45/mile gave me an extra boost of confidence.

Total Mileage

58 miles (93.3 km)

Total Climb

869 ft (265 m)


Too hot.  Too humid.  Too much ozone.  The air quality reached level Red for Ozone twice last week. (Major asthma trigger)


My Mizunos bit the dust during my pre-race workout.  I ran in my Saucony Fast Twitch Racers for the race on Saturday and for my long run on Sunday.  My new Mizunos should arrive today.

Nutrition for Long Runs and Races

Gatorade Endurance for Race day.

Tailwind on Sunday Long Run

Upcoming Races

September 24 – Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon

October 28 – Heroes Run Half Marathon in Shreveport (supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project)

December 3 – Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon San Antonio

Coming Up This Week

A tough workout Tuesday morning, lower mileage, and a half marathon!

How is your training going?  Any upcoming races?

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Photo by Ryan L.


    1. Sunday was my first time actually. It tasted good (lemon lime) and I felt good for the entire run. I was hesitant to try it, because it has caffeine in it. But it didn’t affect my heart rate at all. I am going to use it for my race on Sunday and I will include how it works out in my Race Recap. : )


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