Tuesday Tempo

My coach warned me.  “This is a tough tough workout.”  He was right!  But I crushed it!  Now I am sore and finding it hard to sit still and type up this post.  I just walked to 711 to loosen up and to buy a drink.  Walking to 711 is always an interesting experience.  For some reason, the 711 near my house is a hangout for the random people that you just don’t need to be associated with.  The 35 year old ‘tweaker’ that has his own spot outside the door and mumbles something to you as you walk in.  The non verbal communication say’s “Hi, how’s it going?” but it’s really hard to tell what he actually says.  Then you have the 45-75 year old woman (who knows what her real age is) that drops everything multiple times while she buys a pack of cigarettes.  You may also find her passed out in the back of your car if you leave your doors unlocked overnight.  (A story for another time…)  And every time, without fail, a police officer comes in to ‘buy some food or a drink.’  There is always something going on there!

Back to the tempo…

2.7 mile warm up (includes strides) average pace @ 7:35/mile

15 minutes @ 7:00/mile (actual average pace was 7:05/mile)

5 minute jog (approximately 8:30/mile… I kept the pace up and recovered quick)

5 minutes @ 6:50/mile

5 minute jog (again I kept the recovery pace between 8:00/mile – 9:00/mile)

4 minutes @ 6:40/mile (actual average was somewhere between 6:40-6:45/mile)

4 minute jog

3 minutes @ 6:30/mile

3 minute jog (slowed down a little for this recovery jog)

2 minutes @ 6:20 (I got my pace down to 6:20 but couldn’t hold it.  My average pace was 6:30)

3 mile cool down @ 8:15/mile

Total Morning Mileage – 12 miles

I ran in my new Mizuno Wave Universe 5 Racing Flats!!! 

After my workout, I spent some time rolling out and finishing off the ice cream.

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      1. I need to refocus on training. I run a sub 20 min 5k but I’m out of shape plus over 40. And with kids. And I drink too much. Running has always been my safety valve. I think you are super fit though. Not like me. I can puke at the top of a hill and it’s like ‘ok’. But. I am not motivated enough to be good.

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