Easy Running

With the building excitement of an upcoming race, it can be easy to run too hard or too much in the days just before race day.  My training partner introduced me to an easy run workout that I have used to balance out the need to rest and the need to settle some pre-race race pace nerves.  Most of the run is at an easy pace, but the short bursts of speed help keep my legs feeling fresh and my mind at ease.

The Workout

First, decide on the total miles that you want to run.  Run the first mile easy.  Run at half marathon pace for the first minute of the second mile.  Then finish the second mile at your easy pace.  Repeat this until you reach the beginning of your last mile.  Run your last mile easy.

You can adjust your pace and the time spent running each interval based on the distance of your race.  For a 10k, I would suggest running your 10k pace for 30 second intervals instead of 1 minute intervals.  Going too fast for too long will leave your legs sore for the race.  Remember the goal is to finish this workout feeling fresh and ready to race!

This workout can also be used on easy run days.

Do you have any easy pre-race workouts that have worked for you?  Let me know!

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  1. I’m going to try this. My race week routine is pretty lax, maybe too much so. I usually just hit a trail, with no distance in mind, at an easy pace, and go until it feels right to stop, just to get out and keep the myself from getting too rungry. I can’t count how many miles I’ve ended up walking for no reason, because I didn’t pick a distance or turn around point ahead of time

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    1. Let me know how it goes! I don’t lock myself into a workout the day before or two days before (if I am feeling fatigued then I skip it or cut it short) but 99% of the time I get in 4 easy runs of varying distances in before race day. Tuesday is my last hard run day if the race is on Saturday or Sunday. Do you have a race coming up?


      1. I will once I get back out there. I’m still nursing this plantar fasciitis so no races for me right now. I had a 20miler scheduled for this Sunday and a marathon next month that I’ll miss. I think my next race will be the Rocky Run in the beginning of November.

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      2. Hope your foot feels better soon. (I couldn’t remember if you still had that marathon planned or not). I like racing in November and December (the temps are perfect … usually) : )


      3. Lol yea, it’s not the best place for winter runs. Although I do have a 10 miler planned for January, last year when I did it it was below zero. And yea, I lived in Copperas Cove for a year way back when… It didn’t stick lol

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      4. I don’t mind running in the cold. But cold is relative. And below zero running is not something I plan on doing. 20 degrees. Sure. Even with wind. But zero? I don’t know about that. : )
        I’ve lived in TX most of my life and I don’t even know where that is. Lol


      5. Lol I don’t like running in the cold either. And I’m a 40°-50° runner… Everything outside of that is just to stay in shape haha….. And no one knows where it is haha it’s next to Killeen, and Ft Hood

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