Training Highlights

Hardest Workout (other than the Half Marathon)

Tuesday Tempo

2 mile warm up

Strides, Drills

15 minutes @7:00/mile

5 minutes easy

5 minutes @ 6:50/mile

5 minutes easy

4 minutes @ 6:40/mile

4 minutes easy

3 minutes @ 6:30/mile

3 minutes easy

2 minutes @ 6:20/mile

3 mile cool down

This 12 mile workout was tough.  I struggled to hold the 6:30/mile pace and the 6:20/mile pace.  Ironically, I realized later that day that I was only supposed to run 3 minutes @ 6:40/mile, 2 minutes @ 6:30/mile, and 1 minutes @ 6:20/mile.  That may have had something to do with the level of difficulty.

I ran 2 more miles that afternoon in the heat.
Best Run

Tuesday Tempo and the Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon

I feel like I am finally getting the hang of tempo runs.  Tempo runs have always been my biggest challenge in training, so gaining confidence in completing them at the target paces is huge for me.

Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon Race Report Coming Tomorrow!

Total Mileage

57.1 miles


Too Hot!  Too Humid!


I wore my Mizuno Wave Universe 5 racing flats this week for most of my training runs and for the half marathon.  I wore my new Run Texas race kit on race day along with  my Run Texas hat!

Coming Up This Week

A light week of training to recover from 2 high effort races and tough training, and a 20 miler!  I am also adding in some strength and stabilization work this week for injury prevention.

Upcoming Races

October 28 – Heroes Run Half Marathon

December 3 – San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

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